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A Step Towards Equality: DOJ Inquiry into the Maryland State Police

It is with a profound sense of purpose that we, the Coalition of Black Maryland State Troopers (CBMST), address the recent announcement of the Department of Justice's (DOJ) inquiry into the Maryland State Police (MSP), under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This investigation seeks to uncover any patterns or practices of racial discrimination within the department. As we reflect on this development, we consider its significance in the broader context of our history and vision for the future.

Reflecting on Our History

The history of the MSP is intrinsically linked to the struggle for racial equality. We cannot forget the efforts of pioneers like Milton Taylor, the first African American trooper hired by the MSP, who had to navigate the difficulties of being a minority in a predominantly white institution. Or the brave actions of the 'Original Twenty', who won their suit against discriminatory hiring practices.

Over the years, the MSP has seen change - a gradual shift towards inclusivity and equality. But we recognize that, despite these strides, we still have a distance to travel. Our past is marked by moments of triumph as well as challenges, and it's a testament to the resilience, courage, and unyielding commitment of countless individuals to justice and fairness.

Understanding the DOJ Inquiry

The DOJ's investigation is an opportunity to shed light on the systemic issues within our ranks and address them head-on. It's not about pointing fingers, but about recognizing our shortcomings and making a committed effort towards change. We welcome this investigation as a catalyst for that change.

While some might view the inquiry as a negative reflection on the MSP, we see it as an opportunity. It's a chance to confront any discriminatory practices head-on, reassess our policies, and make necessary changes to build a more equitable environment.

Vision for the Future

Our vision is rooted in a belief that every trooper, regardless of race or ethnicity, should be respected, valued, and given equal opportunities. We envision a MSP that is reflective of the diverse communities it serves, and where each trooper is recognized for their individual strengths and contributions.

The DOJ inquiry is a critical step towards achieving this vision. It provides the platform for meaningful discussions on racial justice and equality within the MSP. It pushes us to confront any systemic biases and to implement measures that promote fairness and diversity.

We hope that the investigation's findings will serve as the basis for transformative changes. From revising discriminatory policies to implementing training that addresses implicit bias, we aim to utilize these findings to foster a culture of inclusivity and respect.

As we look forward to the results of the DOJ investigation, we stand committed to using this opportunity to drive positive change within the MSP. We believe in our potential to learn, grow, and become a law enforcement agency that truly embodies integrity, fairness, and service. It's a challenging journey, but it's one we are ready and willing to undertake.

Because, at the end of the day, we're not just state troopers. We're members of the diverse and vibrant community that is Maryland, and we're committed to serving and protecting it to the best of our ability, with respect and fairness for all.


The Coalition of Black Maryland State Troopers

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