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Answering the Call for Change: Responding to Morgan State University's Research

At the Coalition of Black Maryland State Troopers, our mission centers around unity, progress, and igniting change within law enforcement. Today, we address a vital issue—the enlightening research by Morgan State University, which delves into Maryland State Police's culture and diversity. This research resonates deeply with our commitment to inclusivity and spurs us to action.

Morgan State University's research underlines a core theme—diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within law enforcement. These findings align perfectly with our purpose—creating positive change. We identify with the experiences shared by fellow troopers and professional staff, underlining the urgency to address microaggressions and rectify unfair treatment.

We applaud the Maryland State Police for engaging with the research findings. While acknowledging strides made, we're attentive to the areas demanding focused attention. Transparency, diverse representation, and addressing the impact of microaggressions are essential to fuel genuine change.

Crucially, the behaviors highlighted don't define all who serve, nor are they tied to any specific race or culture. However, the sentiments shared by participants are valid and stress the significance of addressing and rectifying these behaviors.

As stakeholders in law enforcement, we collectively bear the responsibility to turn these findings into actions. By fostering an environment of openness, accountability, and fairness, we can mold a law enforcement community that truly treasures every individual.

Morgan State University's research offers a turning point for transformation. We realize that nurturing diversity and inclusivity is an ongoing journey. Through more research, comprehensive training, and transparently addressing raised concerns, we can shape a law enforcement environment that genuinely reflects our shared values.

Our gratitude extends to Morgan State University and the Maryland State Police for their dedication to these critical matters. The Coalition of Black Maryland State Troopers stands resolute in actively engaging in ongoing dialogues and driving impactful change.

As we conclude this essential conversation, we amplify a call to action for you—our readers. The research by Morgan State University is a well of knowledge ready for exploration. Delve into its insights, reflect on their implications, and connect them to your experiences and perspectives.

If you encounter situations tied to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) requiring attention, we urge you to raise your voice. Your voice ignites change, and your experiences hold significance. To report concerns within the law enforcement community linked to DEI matters, consider these steps:

  1. Connect with Us: The Coalition of Black Maryland State Troopers is here to listen and support. If you encounter situations necessitating action, reach out without hesitation. We're committed to driving change together.

  2. Use Official Channels: Law enforcement agencies offer internal avenues to report concerns. Utilize these official channels to ensure your feedback reaches the right ears.

  3. Seek Guidance: If uncertain about the next steps, seek advice from mentors, supervisors, or trusted colleagues. Open conversations cultivate understanding and drive positive transformation.

  4. Document and Report: Whenever you witness or experience incidents related to DEI matters, document them diligently. Your insights contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the challenges at hand.

  5. Stay Informed: Stay updated on policies, initiatives, and resources related to DEI in law enforcement. Knowledge empowers you to drive change effectively.

Remember, the journey towards an inclusive and equitable law enforcement environment is a shared effort. Together, we can carve a path that reflects our collective values and aspirations. Let's transform challenges into catalysts for progress, ensuring every voice is heard, valued, and uplifted.

With Unity and Unwavering Resolve,

The Coalition of Black Maryland State Troopers

Disclaimer: Official Research Report Update (8/22/23): Please note that our insights are drawn from publicly available media sources. We want to ensure full transparency and provide you with the most accurate and comprehensive information possible. As you engage with our blog post discussing Morgan State University's research on Maryland State Police's culture and diversity, please be aware that the official research report will be incorporated into this blog post once it becomes available publicly.

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