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A Year of Firsts: CBMST Salutes Trailblazing Leaders in Maryland

At the Coalition of Black Maryland State Troopers (CBMST), we've always taken pride in advocating for equal representation, justice, and the dismantling of systemic barriers. As we reflect on the year we're thrilled to honor and celebrate the accomplishments of remarkable leaders whose journeys echo our mission and inspire us to keep pushing for change.

Firstly, we celebrate the inauguration of Wes Moore, Maryland's first African American Governor. Moore's historic election is not only a tremendous achievement in itself, but also a beacon of hope that reaffirms our commitment to fostering racial equality. His tenure signals a future where leadership is accessible to everyone, regardless of their racial background, reinforcing the principles CBMST stands for.

Next, we take immense pride in recognizing Maryland's first woman and person of color to hold the office of the Lt. Governor, Aruna Miller. Her ascension to this key position is a testament to the immense strides Maryland is making towards gender equality and racial inclusivity. As CBMST, we are heartened to see leaders like Miller breaking glass ceilings and challenging norms, pushing us to renew our efforts to create an inclusive workforce within Maryland State Police.

The year 2023 also witnessed the achievements of Anthony Brown, the first African American Attorney General of Maryland. His appointment represents a significant milestone in the pursuit of justice and equality. Brown, with his unique understanding of the struggles faced by marginalized communities, is now in a pivotal position to shape policies that uphold justice and civil liberties, and this aligns deeply with CBMST's vision.

Lastly, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Roland Butler, the first African American Superintendent of State Police in Maryland. This achievement holds a special place for us at CBMST. It reassures us that our relentless efforts for fair representation and equal treatment within Maryland State Police are bearing fruit. Butler's appointment is a stride towards creating a police force that truly reflects the community it serves, a goal that CBMST continuously works towards.

These unprecedented achievements of 2023 mark a significant shift towards a more diverse and representative Maryland. They are a testament to the resilience, determination, and hard work of those who have dared to challenge the status quo.

As CBMST, we celebrate these trailblazers whose achievements have aligned with our mission, and draw inspiration from their journeys to fuel our continued advocacy for justice, representation, and equality.

In conclusion, while we take this moment to celebrate these significant 'firsts', we are also reminded that our journey is far from over. The CBMST remains steadfast in its mission, driven to ensure that the progress of 2023 is not an endpoint, but a stepping stone towards an even more inclusive and equitable future. Here's to many more salutes to come!


The Coalition of Maryland Black State Troopers

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