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Empower Your Voice, Shape Your Future

Current and retired Maryland State Police employees - Embrace the opportunity to make a real impact with CBMST. Here, your voice drives change, advocating for equality and respect in law enforcement. Connect with a diverse network of professionals, actively participate in community outreach, and influence policing policies. With CBMST, you gain access to expert mentorship and career-boosting workshops and training. Take this step to empower your career and be a part of a positive change. Join us now and shape a brighter future together.

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Join as a Sworn or Civilian Member

Stand at the Forefront of Change

  • Amplify Your Voice: Influence policies and make your voice heard in key decisions.

  • Foster Community Connections: Build bridges with the community to redefine law enforcement, ensuring equality and justice.

  • Drive Progress: Be an integral part of shaping a better future for law enforcement and the communities we serve.​

  • Seize this opportunity to be the change you wish to see!

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Retired Members, Continue Your Legacy

Your Experience, Our Future

  • Mentorship: Share your invaluable experience to guide the next generation of leaders.

  • Impactful Reforms: Contribute to meaningful changes and leave a lasting mark on law enforcement.

  • Enduring Connections: Stay connected and continue to inspire change, even after retirement.

  • Your legacy doesn't end with retirement. It's just the beginning!

Apply Here!

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