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Our Story

The Coalition of Black Maryland State Troopers stands for equity, inclusivity, and respect in law enforcement, welcoming all races, religions, and orientations. We're more than an organization; we're a movement for diversity and unity. Join us in creating a future that's diverse, equitable, and inclusive – where every voice contributes to a symphony of change.

Our Past

Born in 1973 out of the unity of "The Original Twenty" African American troopers, the CBMST stands as a testament to the enduring struggle for racial equality within the MSP. Battling the systemic racism and discrimination rampant since MSP's inception in 1935, these courageous troopers convened privately to confront these injustices. They not only illuminated the prejudices they suffered but also sought to resolve them, laying the foundation for CBMST's creation and our ongoing pursuit of equal representation and fairness.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Rooted in our origins as an advocate for African American rights, the CBMST is now an inclusive alliance committed to uplifting and representing people of all races, religions, and sexual orientations. We dedicate ourselves to dismantling systemic barriers, promoting equitable practices within law enforcement organizations, and fostering a community that respects and values diversity.

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Our Vision

We envision a future where law enforcement organizations mirror the diversity of the community it serves. We aim to create an environment that cherishes and promotes diversity, inclusivity, and equity. In our vision, every police professional, regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation, is valued, heard, and given equal opportunities for growth. We foresee a profession that continually learns from its past and innovatively strives for a more inclusive, just, and representative future

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