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A Warm Welcome to MSP Class 156: Embarking on a Journey of Service

Congratulations to Class 156 on your well-deserved graduation from the Maryland State Police Academy! As members of the Coalition of Black Maryland State Troopers (CBMST), we share in the pride and joy of this momentous occasion.

Your perseverance, dedication, and unwavering spirit have guided you through rigorous training, leading you to this remarkable milestone. Now, as you embrace your new roles across the state, you embody the honor, duty, and integrity that the Maryland State Police mission represents.

We were delighted to see Governor Moore extending his warm welcome to you, our state's newest guardians. His acknowledgment is a testament to the significance of your roles as stewards of law and peace.

Remember, the badge you carry and the uniform you wear symbolize more than just your position. They represent your commitment to serving and protecting our diverse communities with respect and dignity. As troopers, you are entrusted with a noble and demanding task: to serve all people, from all walks of life.

This role requires empathy and understanding. As you interact with the community, strive to see yourself in the image of others. Recognize that every individual you serve is a mirror reflecting diverse perspectives and experiences. This recognition will guide you in treating every individual with the fairness, respect, and compassion they deserve.

In this moment of immense pride and promise, remember that lifelong learning and career growth are key to your evolution as law enforcement professionals. As members of CBMST, we encourage you to continually expand your horizons and commit to your personal and professional development.

Rest assured, CBMST is with you every step of the way. We stand ready to support, guide, and advocate for you throughout your journey. Our coalition is committed to fostering an environment that values unity, inclusivity, and respect.

In closing, we wish to remind you of the profound difference you can make each day. Embrace your path with open hearts and minds, ready to serve, protect, and learn. Always remember, you are not alone. CBMST stands with you, champions you, and celebrates your triumphs.

To Class 156, we extend our heartfelt congratulations once more! We look forward to witnessing your dedication and service, and the extraordinary impact you'll make on the lives of those you serve. Here's to a bright future and a journey marked by service, unity, and a steadfast commitment to justice.


The Coalition of Black Maryland State Troopers

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